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With 2016 already a distant memory and the New Year started it brings with it new budgets, new focus and the possibility to introduce some real change into your organisation. In many industries last year the focus was on reducing spend, eliminating capital projects and focussing on keeping the ship running which although it makes financial sense meant that the ability to develop and deploy new solutions like Skype for Business was limited. But now is the time to change all that!

You may have an outdated telephony system which is expensive to maintain or it may be that the age of your telephony actually presents a significant risk to your business when the cost of any downtime potentially outweighs the cost of deploying a new system. The first place to start as within any major undertaking is to evaulate what will be best for your Business.

E-WAN Networks has the experience of assessing the needs of over 400 Sites in 70+ Countries for multiple types of business. With a logical, process driven approach they are able gather the requirements of your telephony network, inventory the individual devices and present the design and equipment which is best suited to deploy Skype for BUsiness as the Enterprise Voice Service for your network and will maximise the efficiency of the Projects needed to deploy your new service. One of the biggest questions to ask is how do you deploy? On-Premises or Cloud based, whatever you choose will set the tone for the way that your business works and the level of service you can provide and E-WAN Networks can walk you through all of the information which drives this decision.

Once your initial requirements are defined you will need to arrange the purchase and deployment of your solution. Whether you want us to manage this or you want assistance in the selection of the correct team to do the work E-WAN Networks is here to help. With experience deploying this new technology for one of the worlds largest companies there are very few scenarios that we havent already come across. As with the deployment of any new technology there are risks and the knowledge that our company has can help you reduce the time it will take you to deploy and lower the risks to your organisation.

Finally with the deployment of any new technology your business will need to adapt to this and need the processes and training to onboard the solution in most efficient ways possible. Whether you need Release Management services to ensure the stability and version control of your equipment through to the training of the users E-WAN Networks has already devised plans and worked with the processes you need to ensure the stability of your new service.

Whatever your Unified Communications needs in the New Year E-WAN Networks is on-hand to help and has the Small to Enterprise Level Business experience you need to develop your Businesses ability to communicate in a forward thinking and Enterprise forward way.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2017!

If you're interested in Deploying Unified Communications solutions such as Skype for Business and would like to know more or see any parallels with any of the scenarios above please get in touch with E-WAN Networks here.