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With Unified Communication becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace one thing is absolutely clear about the numerous deployments. No two are alike. Whether you are just dipping your toe in the water with the technology for the first time or have been using it for a few years but have reached a crossroads with regards as to how you use it E-WAN Networks can provide you guidance in any scenario and give you the experience you need in order to decide what is best for your business. Below are just a few of some of the scenarios which your you could be facing just now:

Minimal to No Usage
Depending on the IT skillset available in your workforce it could be that at the moment you have never used Unified Communication and have no idea of the benefits which it can bring such as using Instant Messaging (IM) to communicate or that it could be used to replace your existing telephony system (using classic handsets).

If you dont know what Unified Communications solutions like Skype for Business can do for your business but are interested to know E-WAN Networks can provide all the information you need to make an informed decision on how to proceed with implementing UC for the first time and get the best value from this emerging technology.

IM + Presence with No Enterprise Voice
The bulk of medium to large scale organisations with their own IT Teams will already be using Unified Communications for Instant Messaging and Presence. But how do you take the next step and prepare your organisation for the ability to make Enterprise Voice calls across your network and ensure that users get the best value out of this service?

However experienced your IT/Infrastructure teams are turning on services like Enterprise Voice require structured management in order to ensure that a good level of service is demonstrated to your workforce. E-WAN Networks can help you prepare your business to start utilising Unified Communication to its full potential and ensure that your users adopt Unified Communication flawlessly without a need for rollback or retreat to legacy telephony services.

Split Environment
One of the most common challenges that will face IT/Telecoms/Infrastructure teams globally when investigating how to use Unified Communication to better their telephony/voice environments is how this technology is implemented, supported and maintained. Many pre-existing IM + Presence UC Deployments will already have been carried out and managed by the inhouse Infrastructure teams. However, when introducing Enterprise Voice to this service a new set of skills are needed in order to ensure a stable environment. Your local Infrastrucutre team may not have the knowledge required to support an Enterprise Voice network.

E-WAN Networks has experience of supporting a Unified COmmunications environment for one of the worlds largest global standardised models and can help guide your organisation to the best fit model that will utilise the existing expertise in your business to ensure a robust and useable voice network.

Failed Deployment
Many IT Service companies will have had experience deploying Unified Communications solutions for IM + Presence but then relying upon these same companies to then adapt to implement Enterprise Voice and replace your existing telephony service may leave you in the solution that you have a half-implemented solution that provides a poor service and does not meet the needs of your business. Deploying Voice Services requires a specific understanding of the way in which voice services will impact your network so that your existing infrastrucutre is prepared for the requirement that will be loaded upon your network.

E-WAN Networks has 12 years experience providing voice and data services to some of the worlds largest Enterprise Oil & Gas firms and will be able to evaluate all the potential needs that deploying Unified Communication Enterprise Voice will put upon your network.

If you're interested in Deploying Unified Communications solutions such as Skype for Business and would like to know more or see any parallels with any of the scenarios above please get in touch with E-WAN Networks here.