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This month Microsoft will be allowing UK Skype for Business customers a preview of their PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Services. This a landmark development for Microsoft as they increase the functionality of their Unified Communications platform and allow users for the first time to receive calls on a UK landline number. For many IT & Infrastructure Managers across the UK this is one of the key functions of Skype for Business that they have been waiting for in order to justify leaving behind their classic telephony systems in favour of a fully Cloud based Off-Premises solution. But is the leap to a Unified Communications platform as easy as you think?

Well in some cases yes but there are implications to consider:

How Important are your numbers to you?
Although Microsoft will be able to offer banks of UK numbers and negotiating with some of the national carriers in order to allow the transfer of banks of numbers to their infrastructure it may not be simple or even possible to retain your number ranges when migrating to Skype for Business. If your business is dependent upon a retention in communication or even legally dependent on the need to ensure communication channels are open the potential to start changing the contact details for your key users/services may be too risky!

Emergency Response

While the thought of migrating all of your services to the cloud is indeed functionally romantic there are situations in which you wouldn't want to be fully dependent on your connection to the internet or a datacentre. In the throes of an critical situation would you want your ability to communicate to be based fully on a solution which is outside your sphere of control?

Does Skype for Business do everything you need?

While offering a vast array of features to the average user it must be remembered that Microsoft are not at their core a telecoms provider and as a result Skype for Business may not have been designed with every Enterprise Voice eventuality in mind.

If you're interested in Deploying Unified Communications solutions such as Skype for Business and would like to know more or see any parallels with any of the scenarios above please get in touch with E-WAN Networks here.