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After 12 years working in the Oil and Gas sector specialising in Voice, Data and Security Networks, Ewan Waugh as Owner of E-WAN Networks Ltd has amassed a huge amount of experience from deploying quality Telecommunications Services from the smallest basic offices to large scale enterprise level environments and even complex and highly industrial sites such as offshore oil platforms and gas plants. E-WAN Networks Ltd prides itself on an ethical, passionate and dedicated approach to its work that follows the latest working practices and at all times keeps in touch with the cutting edge of technological advancement.

For the past 4 years E-WAN Networks Ltd have been on contract at a major Oil and Gas organisation working on the deployment of UCC (Unified Communications and Collaboration). At a high-level UCC enables the removal of redundant legacy telephony infrastructure and replaces it with Desktop based Voice Software such as Skype for Business and associated technologies. Over the course of this 4-year period Ewan Waugh has become convinced that the future direction of Voice based technology is in the migration from the classic telephone to software based systems (of which many are on offer) which can integrate with existing Enterprise level computer networks and bridge the gap with the legacy services to which many organisations (not just in oil and gas) are so accustomed.

The primary benefits of migrating to a software based telephony system are 2-fold. Firstly, with a classic telephony system when the time comes to refresh the associated hardware, it may also be required to replace the telephone handsets for an entire organisation and this makes up a substantial cost. With a software based telephony system, the only associated refresh may be for consumable items such as headsets and the hardware that makes up the system itself. Secondly due to the way in which legacy telephony systems of 10+ years old are built they generally tend to be bulky, heavily integrated into the local infrastructure, expensive to maintain and prone to a high risk of failure. By migrating to software based UCC Systems a legacy telephony system which would previously have occupied entire rooms can be replaced with a single device no bigger than a normal computer which is easy to maintain, easily replaceable and much less prone to failure given the nature of the technology.

Without forgetting the technical requirements of implementing a UCC System Ewan Waugh firmly believes that where the value lies in this industry at present is the need for experience in migrating from classic telephony systems to UCC Systems and the nuances/finesse required to do this at minimal risk/cost. No matter the types of organisations involved whether they be Oil and Gas, Property, Commercial or manufacturing it is firmly believed that the tools, skills and methodology required to implement this technology will be of benefit on a global scale.